Nancy Barrett

I love every day that I am able to wake up! I’m blessed and happy for the simple reason that I am alive!!! I am a Reiki Master, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Certified Holistic Manual Lymphatic Therapist, Holistic Health Counselor and Certified Angel Card Reader. We specialize in Medical Massage, MLD Therapy, Medical Massage Cupping & Oncology Massage. I am also an independent distributor for Nature’s Sunshine. I’m passionate about helping others. I must admit I was not always like that. A few years ago I became a victim of my own thoughts and it took a harsh fall and a beautiful angel to awaken my soul. This earth angel introduced to Reiki and it benefits for the first time. I fell in Love with this energy healing practice and decided to learn more about it. I became a Reiki practitioner and on May 30th, 2014, I became a Reiki Master. I help others find peace, spiritual health, and happiness through meditation and Reiki.

After being introduced to a new energy modality called Reconnective Healing, I recognized the magnitude of its frequencies. I will always be grateful for the benefits of being a Reiki Master, but I came to understand that Reiki was only the beginning of my journey, not my final destination. Going forward I will be offering our clients the opportunity to experience this wonderful form of energy healing.

My youngest daughter Mercedes Barrett has joined me in this mission. We offer different services to anyone seeking to live a better life. I’m offering meditation classes. We do individual card readings as well as group readings. We also offer Reconnective Healing. My dream is to teach others the art of happiness and self-love. I hope you enjoy my page and benefit from my daily messages. Sending Love, Light and Information onto The Planet.

We are now facilitating the once-in-a-lifetime experience of The Reconnection, an expanded exchange of energy, light and information. For more information please call us at 973-872-6600.

Nancy Barrett


Mercedes Barrett

I love working with the energies of the Universe. I am a Reiki Master, Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Holistic Manual Lymphatic Therapist, Holistic Health Counselor and a Certified Angel Card Reader. I originally went to college to study the Culinary Arts. I also had experimented with baking, but realized that something was missing. When I was introduced to Reiki by my mother Nancy Barrett, I fell in love with the energy and its healing effects. I have learned many things from my past experiences and I can honestly say that I have found true happiness within me. I would like to inspire people and to share the love and light I found while I was experiencing life. I love working with children and part of my journey involves helping kids become better and happier adults. I didn’t always have the easiest life. I had a learning disability in my childhood, but with hard work and dedication I overcame it. I never gave up, because giving up was not an option I was willing to consider. I would like to teach people that they can also overcome any challenges they experience in life. I have and so can you! By learning to adjust your thinking you will experience the most rewarding changes in your life. My mother and I offer mediation and self-reliance classes that help people overcome the negative thoughts that are preventing them from finding true happiness in their life.

 We are now facilitating the once-in-a-lifetime experience of The Reconnection, an expanded exchange of energy, light and information. For more information please call us at 973-872-6600.




Improving behavior problems…

My daughter Emma was having behavior problems in school. I heard about Reiki and its benefit and decided to give it a try. After receiving a few Reiki treatments we immediately saw the benefits. The teacher made a point to say how much better Emma was getting and to make sure we continue doing what we were doing.


A change in emotional state…

My grandson Daniel worried me tremendously because he was either crying or laughing in a way that were not normal. After a few Reiki treatments I noticed a big difference in his emotional state. He still cries & laughs from time to time, but now he does it like a normal 5 year old boy.


Healing from surgery and pain…

I had rotator cuff surgery a few years ago. Even though I went into the surgery with a positive attitude and the doctor expected the surgery to go well, the surgery did not work and the pain was unbearable. Driving was such a difficult task, especially when it came time to parallel park. I had to medicate myself in order to sleep and many times the medicine didn’t do anything for me. I was also taking prescription medicine for my depression. Thanks to the Reiki treatments and massage therapy I can sleep without any medication. I also stop taking medication for my depression and my pains. Every once in a while I feel pain but it’s nothing compared with the pains I was suffering from prior to Reiki. I continue with my Reiki & massage treatments as it is the only thing that works for me. I recommend Reiki to anyone suffering from pain, arthritis, depression, or anxiety.


Improvement of asthma symptoms…

My daughter Isabela suffered from horrible asthma attacks. At least once a month we will end in the hospital due to the attacks. The attacks were so strong that she couldn’t breathe. once in the hospital attached to a machine and with medication (albuterol) she was able to breathe again but many time she will have to have another 20 treatments before her breathing will go back to normal. (2 to 3 treatments a day for several days) I decide to try something different and I took her to receive Reiki treatments. I notice the difference right away. She stopped having asthma attacks after only 2 Reiki treatments. I took her once a week for approximately 6 month. Sometimes she has symptoms but they are very mild. I have to admit I have not follow through with the treatments because of my busy life and the distance to the center, but she is doing a lot better and so far we have not returned to the hospital.

Relief from back pain…

After suffering from a terrible backache for over a week, the pain and stiffness began to travel to my neck. I decided to get a massage to tackle the knot causing havoc on my back. Not only was Nancy able to work her magic to alleviate my suffering, but she did it patiently to soften the muscle without causing me further pain in the process. Very professional and attentive, I will definitely go back.


Relief in breathing…

My dog Maggie had a very hard time breathing. With the combination of essential oils and reiki she started breathing better. I never seen her so calm. Maggie even slept through the whole night. I never thought essential oils would benefit my pet. Another happy customer.

Happy Customer

Tell Us About Your Experience!


  1. Erick

    Ever since I stepped in to this place, my life has changed. I don’t feel so much pain any more. I feel
    like I can get up every morning and not worry about my back as much as I use to.
    The peace within spa a very professional staff and I highly recommend anyone to try it out. My life has changed for the best.

  2. Roxanne

    Was guided to come here to bring back peace within myself. As soon as I walked in I felt a peaceful ambiance from the staff from the decor from the massage by Nancy. Prior to walking in I felt very tense. During and after I left I feel like a peaceful feather. I’m greatful to have come across The Peace Within Spa & Wellness Center. Looking forward to my angel card reading and meditation. Thank you both Nancy and Mercedes for reconnecting me to my energy, light and wellbeing.

  3. Rich

    I regularly develop knots in my neck and back. I had found a sports therapist who was able to work them out beautifully, but she retired last year. So, my neck, shoulders and lower back had been bothering me for quite some time before Groupon provided a link to this spa. The reviews were excellent and the therapists seem to have great credentials, so I tried it today. Mercedes got rid of the knots in my neck and lower back and substantially reduced the knots in my shoulder. I do feel much better and plan to return as the need arises. Highly recommend the deep tissue massage!

  4. Quetzy & Gexon

    My boyfriend and I needed a relax and peace moment we decided to The Peace Within spa.
    We had such an enlightening experience getting a reiki massage from The Peace Within. The atmosphere was so peaceful and the aroma was inviting as soon as we walked through the door. The staff were literally on a whole other level in their knowledge of reiki that it gave us confidence that we will be receiving an amazing massage and We really did. We recommend anyone who’s interested in receiving a reiki massage to definitely get it from The Peace Within.

  5. Quetzy & Gexon

    Mercedes and Nancy Barrett we love you you guys as wonderful

  6. Janet

    I highly recommend the Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage at The Peace Within Spa with Nancy Barrett. The benefits include a better functioning Lymphatic system as well as a sense of peace and relaxation. The ambience at the spa is cozy and wonderful, and the owner and her daughter are both especially nice people–it’s a great place to escape to for a renewing experience!

  7. Rafael

    I recently underwent emergency abdominal surgery that left me with a very large incision that was so painful that it made it almost impossible to walk. My doctor told me that he needed the incision to heal completely before he could perform a second needed surgery. I started seeing Nancy twice a week for Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage and Reconnective Healing. I saw an immediate improvement as the swelling and pain in the area quickly subsided. After a few weeks, the incision is almost completely healed, and I will be ready for the second surgery almost a full month ahead of schedule. I could not be more pleased!

  8. Nicole M.

    I recently had an MLD massage with Nancy to reduce inflammation all over and especially in my foot, which was recently fractured. My massage was in the morning and by the evening, I was able to move my toes which wasn’t possible for three weeks. I have also had other massages with Nancy and always feel great after! It is also such a beautiful and relaxing space. Highly recommend!

  9. Judy Lim

    I have scoliosis and have different back pain from it. As of late I have been having terrible pain in my low back, hip and right leg. I have difficulty sleeping and much stiffness and pain when I stand up from sitting or putting press on the right leg. Mercy gave me a deep tissue massage and knew and focused on those painful areas. I slept well and my pain feels minimal today. Than you for the relief!! Mercy gave me great advise on essential oils that really work as well! Great women and great place!


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