Cancer touches all our lives in some way or another. Whether you’re battling cancer now, you’ve beaten it or you have a loved one who has or is undergoing a cancer journey – in some way or another cancer is part of all our lives. With that being said we can all agree that fighting cancer takes a toll on someone physically, emotionally, spiritually and the list goes on.

In our last post we introduced Oncology Massages. These massage therapy sessions are special in that they’re customized to the needs of the person going through cancer treatments or with a history of cancer treatments. This means if their treatments have affected anything that may feel pain during a typical massage therapy session can be avoided and improved through an oncology massage.

What are the physical benefits to an Oncology Massage?

Going through cancer treatments can be traumatizing for the body, especially the central nervous system. It’s understandable too, all the chemo, radiation, doctor visits, and even simple conversations with loved ones can be extremely taxing and cause a lot of stress for a person. We all know stress is far from a good thing and can cause a mountain of issues for our body.

One of the goals with an Oncology Massage is to get a patient’s body to relax. When someone can begin to relax the following physical benefits can follow suit from a massage:

  • The ability to tolerate cancer treatments better
  • Less headaches
  • A decrease in chronic pain that occurs from the treatments or cancer itself
  • More peaceful sleep
  • Less chemo-induced nausea
  • Less chemo-induced numbness
  • And of course a decrease in stress and anxiety

How about the emotional benefits?

It’s no secret that cancer isn’t just taxing on the body, but on the soul too. In fact we’d venture to say cancer can take a toll on someone more emotionally than physically during the fight. However, an Oncology Massage holds many emotional benefits as well.

Think about this: when battling cancer there’s so much pain that a person begins to carry. When undergoing the gentle touch of massage therapy it’s like a break from the general poking and prodding that comes with treatments. A positive touch in a sea of pain can have a great emotional effect on a patient.

Having the opportunity to take a break from the push and pull of treatments to relax and receive a massage can improve the mood of a patient and in turn a better outlook on their life. When a patient has time to breathe and relax during regular massage therapy sessions can allow some of their inherent anxiety to fade away and for them to be able to take on their fight in a whole new light.

So as one can see – the emotional benefits of an Oncology Massage are just as important as the physical ones!

Get your own Oncology Massage

Are you currently battling cancer or know someone who does? We urge you to visit us at The Peace Within Spa. Here, we understand that an Oncology Massage is more than just a typical therapy session. We take the benefits that come with these sessions very seriously. We constantly making sure our therapists are doing their best to ensure you can experience these benefits as well. Please call us today to set up your oncology massage appointment!