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Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a type of specialized massage where light, rhythmical hand movements are used to apply pressure and sequence to the lymphatic system. This special type of massage reduces swelling from lymphoedema. The focal point of this massage is to move fluid from the swollen area into an area where the lymphatic system is working normally. Within the body, the lymphatic system is a complex one which assimilates with other bodily systems, such as the circulatory system and urinary system. The lymphatic system plays a huge role in immunity, aids wit h the removal of waste at the cellular level and facilitates the transport of nutrients and oxygen to cells.

To learn more about the benefits of MLD please call today and reserve your seat, space are limited.
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Save the date: April 28th at 6:30p
The Peace Within Spa & Wellness Center
63 Beaver Brook Road, Suite 105
Lincoln Park, NJ 07035
Tel #973-872-6600
Cost: Free
***Space is limited; please call to reserve your seat today***
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