In this post we’re continuing to breakdown Manual Lymphatic Drainage by discussing what the actual Lymph is. In our most recent post we talked about the security system of our Lymphatic System, but what about the Lymph itself?

What is a Lymph? | Manual Lymphatic Drainage - The Peace Within Spa

I think we can start with the basics by asking ourselves “what is a lymph?” It is a colorless fluid containing white blood cells, that bathes the tissues and drains through the lymphatic system into the bloodstream. Where the lymphatic system is the security team, the lymph is their weapon of choice. This fluid is important because it helps destroy harmful toxins and filter bacteria that may enter our bloodstream.

So how does the Lymphatic System get lymph flowing through our bodies? We can thank our muscles for that! Muscle movement promotes movement of the lymph on its own. Through working out muscles, lymph will flow into the narrow vessels of a node. The valves inside a node keep it moving in the right direction. Then the lymph will filter out of the wide vessels of the node.

What is a Lymph? | Manual Lymphatic Drainage - The Peace Within Spa

Lymph moves through these vessels at a rate of 10-12 beats per minute. But how can we encourage to keep moving lymph at a solid pace throughout our bodies? Here are some suggestions as follows:

Exercising: This seems like a no brainer, but if you haven’t realized how important exercise is yet, now you know! Exercising is a fantastic way to get our muscles moving. A simple walk or run, lifting weights, going for a swim, playing sports, the list goes on. All these actions encourage muscle movement and gets that lymph flowing.

Breathing: No time to exercise today, just breath! Believe it or not breathing is one of the best ways to keep muscle moving at a steady rate and to get lymph pumping through out our bodies. Try taking a quick zen break, or taking up meditation to allow yourself the time for focused breathing.

MLD: Of course we’re big fans of Manual Lymphatic Drainage! In fact this massage can get lymph flowing 10 times faster than any other method! And all you have to do is lay down on a table and get a massage, seems like a pretty sweet deal to us!

So book your appointment for a Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage at The Peace Within Spa today to get that lymph moving! For the month of June we’re offering our customers Manual Lymphatic Drainage massages for $80 instead of $150 as a Father’s Day special! Come to our spa to enjoy one of these wonderful massages at this month’s discounted price!