We’re under no disillusions about the several setbacks one can face when having cancer and undergoing treatments. One of the topics in question may be massages. Unfortunately there are many people in this world who are battling cancer. However, massages don’t have to exit one’s life just because they are undergoing cancer treatments. Have you ever heard of an Oncology Massage?

What is an Oncology Massage?

An Oncology Massage is a massage therapy session tailor-fit to the needs of the person going through cancer treatments or with a history of cancer treatments. Unique massage plans are typically drawn up based on both short and long term side effects of usual cancer treatments (i.e. chemotherapy, radiation and surgery).

One of the best parts about this massage is they won’t be given to you just by anyone. Only massage therapists who have completed training about the specifics of cancer and its treatments can give a person this kind of massage. The training is unique too, because it’s more so instructing on cancer rather than massage therapy itself. So if you’re wanting an Oncology Massage, you can relax knowing your therapist understands what you’re going through and is properly equipped with how to help you feel relaxed on your massage table.

How is an Oncology Massage different from a normal massage?

When someone checks into a spa to receive a massage there are standard types of massage therapies to choose from. An Oncology Massage may be found on a spa menu, but how that massage will unfold looks differently depending on the client.

Getting an Oncology Massage is like having traditional massage therapy the key difference is that it’s been modified in consideration of that person’s unique health situation. Some examples of what is often adapted specifically to the customer is as follows: the session duration, the amount of pressure applied during a message, and the way a person is positioned on the table. Common areas that Oncology Massage therapists take into consideration when creating a massage plan are someone’s mediports, bone metastases, and skin reactions that may have occurred in response to one’s treatment.

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