We made it to our final post in our series about Manual Lymphatic Drainage! Throughout this series, we’ve walked you through the Lymphatic System and how MLD massages go hand-in-hand. We’ve discussed the benefits of receiving Manual Lymphatic Drainage, but what about after the massage is over? In this post, we’re offering up tips on how to keep your Lymphatic System in check even after you hop off the massage table.

Ways to preserve your MLD outcomes

It’s unrealistic to think you can check into a spa every day to get a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage. Sure the outcomes of MLD are amazing, but there are ways to preserve these outcomes without laying down on a massage table every day. Here are suggested ways to keep your lymph moving.

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Drinking water

Drinking water is the solution to so many things in life. Well, now you can add preserving MLD outcomes to that lengthy list. Hydrating your muscles will keep the rejuvenated lymph moving even months after your massage is over.

Eat healthily

Similarly to drinking water, you can never go wrong with eating healthy. As tempting as that bag of chips may seem, it’s not going to keep your Lymphatic System doing the job it needs to do. Changing your diet habits to be a little more green will keep that lymph moving!

Wear physician ordered compression

If your doctor has advised you to wear compression of any kind then don’t take the doc’s words lightly. Keeping compression on those lymph nodes will regulate the amount of lymph present in the nodes and keep them moving where they’re supposed to. This means regulating the pesky swelling that’s likely to pop back up without the compression! If you don’t currently have physician-ordered compression, but think you may want it, in order to be measured for compression you must first have your lymph systems cleaned. This happens after a few treatments of lymphatic drainage – then you can be measured accurately for a compression.

The hydrostatic pressure of water

In tandem with physician-ordered compression, hydrostatic pressure can help with prolonging the MLD outcomes. If your doctor recommends complimenting your compression with hydrostatic pressure we suggest hitting the pool! Walking and exercising in water is a great compliment to ordered compression.

Fun bonus: blowing bubbles!

As random as it may seem, blowing bubbles will not only reawaken your inner child but actually preserve your MLD outcomes too. So how the heck does blowing bubbles help? If you think about it when you’re blowing those magical bubbles one after another you’re actually undergoing a solid deep breathing exercise. Deep breathing is a super helpful way to keep the Lymphatic System moving.

When should you get Manual Lymphatic Drainage again?

If you’re diligent about preserving your outcomes then you shouldn’t need MLD maintenance for another 3-4 months. But remember – if you allow yourself to get caught up in the crazy rhythm of life and don’t take time to establish healthier habits, then you’re going to feel those outcomes fade faster than you’d like!

If its been about 3-4 months since your last Manual Lymphatic Drainage, or you’ve never had one before, come to The Peace Within Spa! Our skilled massage therapists will be sure to get your Lymphatic System going with an amazing MLD massage. Schedule your appointment today to get your lymph moving at the right pace!